Taking Charge

The Spanos brothers continue a legacy of success and service.


You may have seen them cheering on the Chargers from the sidelines. Maybe you’ve seen them golfing at the La Jolla Country Club? Perhaps strolling by the shore of their favorite beach—on the local news or ESPN.

Wherever you may have glimpsed A.G. and John Spanos, you’ve never seen them like this. Sports politics and public opinion can be as fickle as the tide, but when it comes to homegrown community leaders, this San Diego team is steadfast about their family, their community and their desire to win a Super Bowl. In an intimate interview with A.G. and John Spanos—the former the CEO and executive vice president of the San Diego Chargers, the latter the executive vice president of football operations—the siblings reveal their close bond, both as businessmen and brothers.

“We grew up in a Greek family and family is very important in Greek culture,” John Spanos explained. “We had dinner with my grandparents five, six, sometimes seven nights a week. We would go over there with my grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, cousins… It was a big family deal.”

The Spanos name has been connected with the Chargers since 1984, when Alex Spanos bought a majority of the company after making a fortune in real estate development with the A.G. Spanos Companies, based in Stockton, Calif. The two brothers smile widely as they recall their first memories of their grandfather and growing up with a self-made billionaire.

Originally appeared in print June 2013.



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  • Project Date June 2013
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