Writing a compelling and click-worthy email is no short order, especially when your business is competing for open rates with dozens of brands.

You already know how important email automation is to your business: segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue. [Source]

Now it’s time to take your emails to the next level with professionally written campaigns.

I dive into every email campaign with my ears open and my mouth shut; I learn what I can from you and your team before I put pen to paper (well, more like fingers to a keyboard…You get the idea).

I enjoy working directly with sales teams to uncover pressure points in the buyer’s journey and remedy those pains with creative ideas that are effective on a variety of devices, distribution channels, and more.

I don’t focus on what’s working, I focus on what’s broken and needs to be fixed.

I take complex, technical language and make it clear. I use segmentation attributes to strike personal notes whenever possible. I edit poor copy and make it sparkle. Want to split-test subject lines? No problem. I can do that, too.

I’ll turn your email automation into a profit-driving machine.

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  • Offerings: Email and content analysis, market research, original copywriting, editing services, list segmentation and analysis, persona development, creative subject lines, and more.
  • Industries: lifestyle, food and wine, health, wellness, personal injury, travel, tourism, art, technology, content marketing, SaaS, eCommerce, construction, architecture, manufacturing, agriculture, and more.
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