All in the Family

The Hughes blur the lines between work and home.

Jason Hughes, president of Hughes Marino and his son Tucker Hughes are coworkers in this intimate interior space, used for work, recreation, family and future. Specializing in commercial real estate—tenants exclusively—Hughes Marino Corporation has blurred the lines between business and pleasure, as Jason and his wife Shay ready the next generation to not only make its personal imprint from within the company, but to also dream bigger, dream more often and embrace the big picture.

Inside this building, the family portrait begins to unfold. Modern art encircles the space, finished with elegant home furniture that fills the open floor plan and invites guests to relax. A dining area and complete kitchen for impromptu gatherings of staff, clients, friends and family, celebrate the contemporary philosophy of Hughes Marino—one that embraces the union of family values into successful enterprise. As the steel framework supporting the curved ceiling remains the architectural bones of antiquity, a sense of pride, accomplishment and solidarity is the framework the Hughes family has built for itself and the company it keeps.

Originally appeared in print June 2013.



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  • Project Date June 2013
  • FINE magazine