A Team Effort: Escondido Police Athletic League Strengthens Community with Sports

Preventing juvenile crime and violence by building the bond between cops and kids.


Lt. Al Owens of the Escondido Police Department remembers his mother’s charity as a young boy. Even when she had little to give her own children, she remained steadfast in her faith, preached blessings, and put a little less on her family’s plate to make sure the neighbor’s children didn’t go hungry. These are the lessons Lt. Owens calls upon today, remembering what it was like to grow up in the projects of Utica, New York

Lt. Owens left New York and joined the military, which after four years of service brought him west to San Diego, where he joined the Escondido Police Department in 1996. He has served the city for more than 20 years, and still reflects on his mother’s teachings.

In addition to his regular police work, Owens heads the Escondido chapter of the Police Athletic League (PAL) where he has donated countless hours to improve the relationship between Escondido’s youth and police force, through various athletic initiatives.

Originally appeared in print June 2015

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  • Project Date June 2015
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